Shandong Tianming Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Tianming Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2003. The original name of the company was "Laiwu Tianming Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd.". It is a private enterprise established in accordance with the modern enterprise system. The factory is located at No. 1, Yin'an Street, Heavy Industry City, Laiwu High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province. There are many highways such as Jiqing, Beijing-Shanghai, Bolai, Tailai, Jilai, etc., and it is 5 kilometers away from the Jilai high-speed railway station. The transportation is very convenient; the factory is located in the north of Quancheng-Jinan, and the Confucian holy land-Qufu in the south.……


With the purpose of technological innovation, process innovation and product innovation, we will continue to make the enterprise stable, stronger and bigger.

? Advanced technology?

Lost foam casting has high dimensional accuracy of castings (up to IT9); high surface quality (up to Ra5); high internal quality of the castings (density is about 3% higher than traditional casting). The company has strong technical force and constantly innovates new lost foam casting processes. ,new technology. Product innovation ability is strong, now we have "efficient and long-life pre-piercing cast iron cooling stave", "new installation method of thermocouple convenient for later temperature measurement of blast furnace".

? Advanced equipment

The company has: CNC cutting model production line; 202 paint automatic dip coating production line; model paint spraying and forced drying automatic production line; sand processing automatic temperature control and conveying production line; rain shower and sand box automatic production line; automatic batching, alloy addition, smelting production line ; 2 sets of automatic wire feeding spheroidizing lines; 3 10T induction furnaces for intermediate frequency furnaces; 1 automatic pipe bending machine; 2 semi-automatic pipe bending machines.

? Advanced management

Integrating various modern management models and methods, our company has formulated a set of management models and methods suitable for itself. The production and operation of the company are organized in strict accordance with the three system standards of "quality management", "environmental management" and "occupational health and safety management", with remarkable results, continuous product innovation, stable quality and excellence. Customer needs are our management indicators.


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